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Log Scribers V.2 ChambersScriber


The ChambersScriber V.2 brings log scribing and fitting into the 21st century.  Designed by Robert Chambers, and based on his more than 30 years experience building handcrafted log homes.


PEN ARMS can be swiveled to any "angle of attack" without changing plumb or changing your scribe setting, and this allows for easy scribing of naturally-shaped logs. Reach and scribe difficult areas like saddles, scarfs, receivers, and around knots and burls.  Fisher Space pens write on wet wood, write upside down, make easy-to-see, durable lines.

RUGGED -- CNC milled from solid aluminum stock and stainless steel; designed and built for professional use. Anodized with Teflon hardcoat. Precision engineering and fabrication in the USA.

ADJUSTMENT -- Adjust scribe settings from less than 1-inch up to 10-1/2 inches (25mm to 270mm). Note that the arms that hold the pens can be adjusted independently, and each arm can be positioned anywhere along the dovetail vertical slide and locked into place. 

ERGONOMIC -- Highest quality Ergo SureGrip. Comfortable, non-slip, and warm in winter. The pistol grip and side handle (available as an optional accessory at this store) combine to make the ChambersScriber V.2 the easiest scriber to keep plumb, the most comfortable to hold, and the most accurate scriber to use.

PENS SWIVEL -- Each pen arm can be independently swiveled / rotated 360° so that both the upper pen and lower pen hit their logs exactly where you want. Swivel down to fit into tight spaces. Swivel to easily scribe the notch on saddles. And swivel during mid-scribe does NOT affect plumb or change the scribe distance! Rotate pen arms on the fly, as you work, without a tool. Just grab the pen arm and swivel it. The friction fit (and Nylatron washers) make it stay where you adjust it.

NEVER needs to be calibrated on a "plumb board," unlike cheaper scribers. Never. You can adjust the scribe setting (distance between pens) and not go back to a plumb board. You can swivel the pen arms and not go back to the plumb board. Saves hours of time in a project.

BUBBLES-- Includes both a single "bullseye" bubble and also two straight-vial bubbles. The straight vials are accurate, tempered glass vials that are made for my scriber. 

HORIZONTAL SCRIBING -- The slide and arms can be rotated 90° to left or to right, and then detent-locked firmly into place for horizontal scribing-no other scriber in the world does this. See photo.

PENS -- The pen refills are made by Fisher Space Pens, and they write upside down, and write on wet wood. These off-the-shelf pens are available in hundreds of stores (and online stores) throughout the world. It is easy to get replacements.

PEN TUBES -- this scriber kit comes with the new Pen Tubes. The strong, stainless steel pen tubes will be a permanent part of your scriber kit, and they make it easier (and much cheaper!) to replace dead pens. (Some photos show old black pens, but all scribers ship only with new stainless steel PEN TUBES).



  • 1 x  ChambersScriber V.2
  • 2 x  Pen Tubes, and caps
  • 3 x  allen-key wrenches 
  • Extra Nylatron & Teflon washers (you'll probably never need these)
  • Hard carrying case with ripple-foam-lining
  • 2 x   Fisher Space Pens  


Order the "Refill for pen tubes" ($6.50) not "V2 pens" ($9.00) for this scriber! 


Optional side handle is NOT included, but is available for purchase in this store.

100% Made in the USA.



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