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Chambers "Classic Scriber" kit

Chambers "Classic Scriber" kit


The Chambers Classic Scriber is the 21st Century version of a classic. Designed by Robert Chambers, and based on his 37 years of experience building handcrafted log homes, and teaching others to scribe and build.

Field tested by Robert for 3 years. Precision milled in Germany.



RUGGED -- CNC milled from solid aluminum stock and stainless steel; designed and built for professional use. Anodized with hardcoat. Precision, custom fabrication for me in Bavaria, Germany.

ADJUSTMENT --  You can adjust and lock scribe settings as small as 3/4-inch and up to 10-1/2 inches (2 cm to 27 cm). Great for small rough-notch settings; large settings, and everything in-between.

Final scribe-settings that are about 4-inches (10cm) work best—that's the sweet spot— so rough-notch logs to get final scribe meetings that will be around that size.

Loosen one or both of the rear thumbscrews to change the scribe-distance. Tighten to lock that setting. Fast and easy to adjust.

ERGONOMIC -- Comfortable to hold, and accurate scriber to use. Sleek—can fit into your back pocket or tool belt. The bubble is located directly under your eyes— this is superior to the bubble location of most scribers—which is set too close to the pen tips, and so can be more difficult to look straight down onto the bubble (as you must, for accuracy). 

Looking at a bubble at any angle other than straight down causes parallax error. Compare the bubble location of my scribers to all other scribers.

STURDY AND DURABLE -- These are rugged.

NEVER needs to be calibrated on a "plumb board," unlike cheaper scribers.  You can adjust the scribe setting (distance between pens) and not go back to a plumb board. "Always plumb" scribers save you hours of time for each project.

BUBBLE-- Includes a large 1-1/4-inch (30mm) single "bullseye" bubble to keep the pen-points plumb as you scribe logs. Great visibility. The bubble sits in a stainless steel cup, to protect the bubble.

PENS -- Staedtler Lumocolor. These off-the-shelf pens are available in thousands of stores (and online stores) throughout the world. Lumocolors are the most-popular felt-tip pens ever among log home builders. Permanent ink in a variety of colors. Your scriber comes with 1x Lumocolor. You will buy replacements in any colors that you want. 

Double-Scribing -- If you like to have a scribe line on the log above AND the log below, then remove the steel 'dummy' from the bottom leg of the scriber, and slide in a second Lumocolor-F pen. You now have a pen in both legs. (I double-scribe all wall logs.)

Or....you can use your own pencils: they need to be 3/8ths inch diameter (9.5mm).

Changing pens is fast and easy: loosen knurled nut, remove dead pen, install new pen, and hand-tighten the nut. Done.


"Strong, simple, elegant, practical, effective, and accurate ....  I designed these to be the best value professional scriber available anywhere.

I think that my edge at designing scribers is that I get to watch hundreds of beginners and professionals as they scribe logs. I see what works, and what doesn't. Not many builders can say that. Carefully watching how people hold, and move, a scriber is the key to this design."

 Robert W. Chambers




  •  1 x  Chambers Scriber Classic

  •  1x   stainless steel 'dummy' for bottom leg of scriber

  •  1x   Staedtler Lumocolor F pen for top leg of scriber


Designed by Robert W. Chambers in the USA. Four years of field testing and development. Manufactured for me in Germany, and so they ship from Germany or from USA directly to you.



ROTATING PEN HOLDERS are an OPTION you can purchase
There are optional rotating pen holders available in this store, and they are shown in one of these photos. They hold Fisher plotter pens ("space pens") PSGB-20.

Not everyone needs rotating pen holders, and very few people need them in both legs.



Depending on your location, your country might charge customs fee and import duty.




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